Scotland Europa Special Paper - Scotland’s Position Paper on the 9th Framework Programme for Research and Innovation

On the 8th March, Scotland Europa submitted ‘Scotland’s Position Paper’, our joint response with the Scottish Government to the European Commission Public Consultation (2018): “EU funds in the areas of investment, research and innovation, SMEs and single market”. Under the current programme, Horizon 2020, Scottish organisations have benefited to the tune of over €468 million, with academia, research institutes, business and the public sector all leading or partnering in strategic projects.

Feedback and input for this position paper was generated via an open invitation to contribute and collected via three Scottish stakeholder workshops organised by Scotland Europa, Scottish Enterprise, HIE and the Scottish Government held in Inverness, Aberdeen and Edinburgh, that attracted participants of diverse backgrounds and disciplines.

The document includes our final recommendations for the next framework programme for Research and Innovation, including on continuing to fund research excellence, continued support of industry involvement, ensuring a flexible approach, enabling the progress of projects across Technology Readiness Levels, reflecting Grand Challenges across Europe and the wider world, and mainstreaming gender equality. We have also included Scottish case studies that we hope will raise the profile of some specific activities which actively promote home-grown solutions to universal European/International challenges.

- Scotland Europa