Event Report Published: EU Cooperation and Innovation – Delivering Value form our European Partnerships

Scotland Europa commissioned this report to present the findings of the Scottish stakeholder discussion on the future of European collaboration, held on 29 September 2017 in Edinburgh, and organised by Scotland Europa, The Royal Society of Edinburgh and Scottish Enterprise.

The aim of the conference was to stimulate participation in current EU programmes and wider EU collaboration as an ‘investment in the future’, and to gather views to feed into Brexit discussions at Scottish and UK levels.

The main message from the conference is that Scottish stakeholders and participants overall value the opportunities offered by EU collaboration projects and want to remain involved in EU project based collaboration in the future.   

Conference workshop discussions covered key questions such as how relationships, partnerships and networks can be maintained after Brexit, and how to continue to influence EU policy agendas.

Four main conclusions emerged, each with associated recommendations:

  • Continuity of support and reputations are at risk without UK commitment to EU cooperation in the immediate term;
  • It remains (even more) important for Scotland to maintain presence and proactive participation in the current innovation and cooperation programmes following Brexit
  • Scotland should not ‘sit back’ and wait for Brexit to impact: we need to “participate, prioritise, be proactive and persist”;
  • Promote the benefits of EU project-based cooperation to inform Scotland’s priorities for the forthcoming UK-EU negotiations and to target Scottish/UK interest in the future.

We invite you to read the full report.

Ingrid Green - Scotland Europa