Recognition for Scotland as TR3S is nominated for RegioStars Awards 2017

Interreg Europe has nominated the TR3S project of which Scotland is a key partner for the prestigious RegioStars awards 2017.

TR3S (Towards Regional spEcialisation for Smart growth spirit) involved ten partners from nine European regions and through sharing of knowledge, experiences and mutual learning contributed to the development of innovation policy in each of the regions. Scotland was represented by Scottish Enterprise.

For Scotland it has helped shape the thinking and development of:

  • Customer driven innovation which led to the development of a Seek and Solve initiative to support SMEs working as solvers with large companies as seekers of solutions
  • How to extend business innovation support and how this can be developed and delivered in partnership - Wider Innovation  
  • Open innovation which led to the development of an Open Innovation programme through which companies are supported to developing a culture of innovation, leading to demand for innovation
  • How you can work more intensely on innovation capability with a group of businesses and the core elements of an Innovation Strategy which is now part of the Innovation Master Class series
  • Public procurement innovation which saw the launch of the first NHS SBRI (Small Business Research Initiative) in Scotland

Scottish Enterprise has noted interest from other regions for a number of Scottish good practices:

  • Supporting business and academia collaboration through Interface – which has been replicated in Poland as Innobrokers
  • Supporting innovation in Tourism and Food and Drink – which partners in Finland and Estonia have taken inspiration from
  • Taking a system view towards supporting the development of renewable energy sector in Scotland which has synergies with the approach of the Basque Country

The RegioStars Awards is an initiative of the European Commission’s DG Regional Policy and seeks to identify good practices in regional development and highlight original and innovative projects which could be attractive and inspiring to other regions.

The nomination for the award is recognition of the contribution TR3S made to the development of the regions involved. The Awards will be given during the annual European Week of Regions and Cities in Brussels in October 2017.

In response to the TR3S nomination, Ian McCoull - Head of Business Innovation at Scottish Enterprise - said: “The TR3S project brought home that the 10 regions we worked with all had Innovation as a key part of their economic development strategy, we all faced the same types of challenges around business innovation and we could all learn from solutions that had been tried elsewhere. If you look at some of SE’s programmes you will find they mirror programmes in the Basque region, Stuttgart Region and Tampere area in Finland and fortunately due to TR3S imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. ”

The project was supported by Interreg Europe; a programme funded by the European Regional Development Fund, which helps regional and local governments across Europe to develop and deliver better policy.

Interreg Europe - Press release

More information about the TR3S project:

Rickard Eksten