Webinar - Cluster 1 and 6: Full Proposal Check Event - 25-29 July 2022

The European Commission

The Bridge2HE project is organising a Full Proposal Check event for Cluster 1 and Cluster 2 second-stage proposals with a deadline in September 2022.

The event will take place online from 25 to 29 July 2022. At the full proposal check event you will receive in-depth feedback from experienced Horizon Europe evaluators and National Contact Points (NCPs) on your advanced proposal drafts.

Proposers who apply to participate to the event go through a case-by-case selection process. After their expression of interest via an online form, they will be contacted in the upcoming days to assess the degree of completion of their proposals.

Short-listed candidates will be invited based on the available places and the submission of a final draft of their proposal.

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Event Information

25-07-2022 09:00 - 29-07-2022 17:00

Venue Location