Webinar - Blue Economy Window 2020 Info Day – Tuesday 24 November 2020

European Commission

The Blue Economy Window 2020 Info Day is a virtual event to officially launch the Blue Economy Window Call for Proposals 2020. Known as the EMFF BlueInvest Grants, the call offers a total budget of € 20 million.

The Funding Call

This call presents funding opportunities for SMEs across the European Union. You can get up to 70% co-funding for your project with an average EU contribution between €700,000 and €2.5 million.

Here's a link to the EMFF Blue Economy Window Call, which will be updated in the coming days.

The Info Day

The Blue Economy Window 2020 Info Day will feature informative sessions on what you need to know about this year's BlueInvest Grants along with tips and practical information for those who intend to apply. 

Three previous BlueInvest Grant awardees will share their success stories, including insights for would-be applicants. 

Participants to the event will have the opportunity to book dedicated 1:1 meetings with EMFF experts, as well as meet potential collaborators and partners through a speed networking session and follow-up 1:1 meetings

Registration for the event is open.

Event Information

24-11-2020 | 13:00-17:30

Venue Location